Collaborations and partnerships can make a significant difference. They can unlock much more than cost savings, they can also bring in expertise and efficiency, thereby ensuring deadlines are met, costs are controlled and success is delivered.

3E Power and Logistics Service Limited was incorporated in January 2012, as a Special Purpose Vehicle with a mandate to identify ways to deliver new infrastructure and get more out of existing assets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The firm is registered under all applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission Registration Number RC: 1006750 and Tax Identification Number (TIN): 14253602-0001.

Mission Statement

To become a strategic partner to both Government and Non-Government organizations, and the entire Energy, Transportation and Healthcare Sectors we serve. As our name implies, Economies of Scale, Efficiency of our business operation and processes, conservation of energy and environment are our guiding principles.


Our vision is simple, to become leaders in world class services while working in a very dynamic and positive global environment. Our success is derived from the commitment that we have towards our customers, employees and community through innovation and strategic partnerships and collaborations to achieve more and reach further.

What we do


From cost modelling, risk planning and feasibility studies to environmental impact assessment and full life cycle assessment, stakeholder engagement activity, we carefully and systematically plan our developments and client projects.


The design of intellectual capital such as management systems and business processes is a unique expertise which the company has, and is readily available for dissemination to the industries we serve and its stakeholders.


The management of people, projects and issues, are also addressed using the extensive knowledge and skill base of the firm. This is to ensure deadlines are met, costs and quality are controlled and success is delivered in an efficient and effective way.


The Board is responsible for providing leadership for the company and its investments. It ensures that the right strategy and controls, together with appropriate financial and human resources, are in place in order to deliver value to stakeholders and to the wider community. It also sets standards for ethical behaviour and for monitoring Environmental , Social, Governance, Health and Safety performance.

The Board formulates strategy and monitors the operating and financial performance of the company. It operates in accordance with a written schedule of matters reserved to the Board, a copy of which is available upon request. This schedule is backed by clearly defined written limits of delegated authority across the company. Key Matters reserved to the board include (i) Authorisation of significant transactions; (ii) Internal controls and risk management; (iii) Remuneration; (iv) Treasury policy and significant fundraising; and (v) Appointment/Removal of Directors and Company Secretary.

The desired outcome is to develop projects thus achieve commercial/financial close and condition precedents, equity and debt project financing to cover capital and operational expenditure. The outcome is underpinned by our firm’s desire to generate long term competitive financial returns on investment, enough to cover its cost of capital, profitably grow its operation, generate enough cash to meet obligations and pursue opportunities, thereby leading to positive societal-impact. We approach every project as a long term partnership where we work closely and cooperate with clients and investors to build long term value that are sustainable and hold potential for continual growth.

Quality and Assurance Policy

Our four step management system of planning, executing, monitoring and reviewing of our business processes  is applied in delivering specialized services to our esteemed clients. A copy of our quality management system and project management manuals are available upon request.