Our services are priced in accordance with prevailing market prices for inputs such as required man-hours, project specific requirements such as Site investigation/market analysis and Terms of Reference. The entire process begins with our clients identifying a service which we offer, prior to a formal request for quotation. Our standard services quotes are provided within 24 hours.

Once our quote has been reviewed and accepted with the associated commercial terms, a dedicated personnel is delegated to coordinate all associated activities from cradle to handover. In some cases, a mechanism is put to collect feedback to further enable the company improve on its services.

Research and development activities, constant business process monitoring and review, human capacity training, applying industry best practices, with operational research techniques and tools, coupled with modern information technology tools are the key drivers of our operations.

Due to the unique nature of the services we offer, our expertise are highly sort after, however qualified and competent manpower are scarce, not everyone can do what we do.

We are an advocate of Public Private Partnerships