3E Power and Logistics Services Limited provides a range of products for application throughout the entire value chain of Energy, Transportation and Healthcare industries which are designed and developed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management guidelines and standard. These products are fabricated in a controlled environment, assembled and tested in modern factories, using proven field designs. The rigorous factory testing of our products before shipment to our client’s site, allows for faster installation, reduced field labour cost and early project start up.

Therefore for clients looking to start earning revenue at the early stage of a project life cycle, we meet and exceed their demands in more than one way. The company has also in place, a quality control and assurance business unit, which ensures all our business units and operations, complies with industry best practices and international standards. Our products and services are specifically tailored to each client’s need, paying particular attention to availability, durability, reliability, efficiency  and cost effectiveness.

Similarly, a four step management system of planning, executing, monitoring and reviewing of our business processes  is applied in delivering specialized services to our esteemed clients. A copy of our quality management system and project management manuals are available upon request.

We are an advocate of Public Private Partnerships