Sub-Saharan Africa is in dire need of infrastructure. The region’s infrastructure is significantly underdeveloped. The inadequacy of infrastructure is a fact of life in nearly every Sub-Saharan country. The fact that Sub-Saharan Africa’s residential, commercial and industrial sectors suffer infrastructure  shortages means that countries struggle to sustain GDP growth.

The stakes are enormous. Indeed, fulfilling the economic and social promise of the region, and Africa in general, depends on the ability of Government and investors to develop and bridge  the continent’s huge infrastructure deficit. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) can make a significant difference. They can unlock much more than money, they can bring in expertise and efficiency, helping ensure resources are wisely allocated to the most urgent challenges of development on the Continent.

Our firm is an advocate of Public Private Partnerships. The infrastructure sector in Sub-Saharan Africa offers a unique combination of transformative potential and attractive investment opportunities. Not surprisingly, we are starting to see significant momentum in infrastructure development and investment across the continent.

Governments are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly opening up to private-sector and foreign investment . We want to provide a fact-based perspective assessing different themes and trends. We seek to demystify the sector and to help our audience understand the opportunities, challenges, and uncertainties. We hope this will help advance the discussion on how to transform the sector, creating opportunities for domestic and international investors, and most important, facilitating the economic development that would result.

We are an advocate of Public Private Partnerships