Origination Existing data analysis, Site Identification, Memorandum of Understanding/Letter from Government.
Inception Pre-feasibility studies analysis (technical, environmental, financial, legal/regulatory) Preliminary financial model, initial development plan/budget.
Structuring Detailed feasibility, licenses and permits (environmental, generation, interconnection, long term contractual revenue contracts), preparation of engineering design and EPC/O&M procurement package, Local SPV establishment, legal/regulatory/tax structuring.
Contracting Negotiations, Implementation/Concession Agreement, Government Guarantee, Land rights secured, other project procurement, negotiation and signature (LTSA etc).
Financing Equity & debt secured, PIM/marketing materials preparations, bankable financial model finalisation, lenders term sheets, lenders due diligence, insurance package, project agreement amendments, finance and security document negotiations
Closing and Start of Construction Lenders final board approvals, signature of finance documents, CP satisfaction, debt and equity investment/disbursement
Construction LNTP/NTP issued, draw-down management, asset management for SPV (accounting, reporting, general management, construction management, O&M integration management
Operation and Exit Asset management (accounting reporting), O&M oversight, Contract management, Exit strategy formulation and execution

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