3E Power and Logistics Limited has been collaborating with H&K Scientific Solutions of UK on enhancing manufacturing technology for protein replacement therapeutics for a disease known as Alpha-1 Antitripsin Deficiency.

Alpha-1 Antitripsin Deficiency is one of the most common genetic disorder in individuals of Northern European heritage, with around 180,000 people estimated to have the disease Worldwide. However, some studies into efficacy of the existing therapeutics has shown the effects on disease to be questionable, and regarding this, they have not been approved for use in the United Kingdom, although they are used Worldwide.

We aim to remove these deleterious effects by producing an ultra-pure, desirable conformation specific protein, that will not disrupt standard manufacturing processes and produce an enhanced product endowing significant competitive advantage over other manufacturers. This may allow access to the significant UK market due to its increase in efficiency where replacement therapy is not used.

We are an advocate of Public Private Partnerships